Friday, June 10, 2011

By 2018 The World Will End 7 Times!

For the next 7 years there are 7 dates on which the world will end. Predictions and scientific theories are telling us when and how will end the world.

According to different soothsayers there are different dates meant to be the end of the world, all of them in various years.

The american prophet, Harold Camping, convinced 200 000 people all over the world that on May 21st 2011 (a few weeks ago) will be fulfilled the biblical prophecy about the Second Coming.
As we can see (thanks God) that didn't happen. But Harold doesn't give up easily, he changed the date to October 2011

The most popular and discussed end of the world date is December 21st 2012. The Mayans predict that will be the last day of our civilization. 
On this day, according to ancient text - the Mayan prophecy - will occur so-called parade of planets: Earth, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn will arrange in a line, in the center of which will be the Sun.
Because of the unusual proximity of the Earth to the star will start a chain reaction: in the atmosphere will penetrate energy flows so strong that the surface of our planet will not sustain them.

There is another prediction for the same date - December 21st 2012. This time it comes from the Ancient Sumerians. Nibiru - the mystic planet, will be so close to the Earth, that will cause a shift of the magnetic poles and will completely change the orbit of our planet.
It's giant mass will cause the rise of huge water masses, which in turn will flood thecontinents and will destroy all life on Earth.

The second most discussed end of the world date is Spetembet 22nd 2012. That would be the energetical world end. It's said that it will be caused by natural-technological global catastrophe. According to calculations of a group of scientists from NASA's strong eruption of the Sun, whose electromagnetic pulse will damage virtually all power and electronicequipment for a long period of time will cause the death of billions of people.

Dutch astrophysicist, Pierre van der Meere said, that the Sun will explode in 2013 and this will literally burn the Earth.

Russian astrophysicist, thinks that a new Ice Age will begin in 2014. This will destroy most of the fertile lands on Earth and humanity will gradually die of hunger

According to Vanga, the great bulgarian fortune teller, millions of people will be deceased from the festering sores, skin cancer and other diseases due to chemical warfare.

American climatologist, James Hansen, believes that in 2016 the glaciers will melt and flood large parts of land that will become uninhabitable.

2018 is the year for which Nostradamus predicted that will start a global nuclear war that will destroy mankind.

Well, we went so far. We've been through 2000, 2001, 2006, 2010 end of the world predictions.
I believe we will live through this. Of course, the world is going to end someday, but I don't think it's close.

Live your life with happiness, do whatever you want to, enjoy every second. :)  Be happy with what you do and who you are!


  1. Всеки луд с номера си :D Така де, всеки с датата си :D

  2. (Just a tip)The world will last for trillions of more years. But not mankind.

  3. Hi,

    Israel is the key to Prediction. Second coming of Jesus was Satguru = Christ Nanak Dev Ji of the Punjab and now Matt.13v24-30 is getting fulfilled in the establishment of Israel. Jews are Tares unfaithful to Abraham, Yahweh and they are themselves anti-Semitic.

    There two in this world that people worship; God and Mammon. In God, we love each other whilst in Mammon kill each other.

    Jews have Mammon and media that makes the politicians move. Or in short, USA, U.K., France, etc. are ruled by the Jews and it is they who are destroying the M.East.

    Atomic War will be in 2018 when Israel is 70 years old but before that Israel is supposed to attack a country making Atomic Bombs. That will trigger Tribulations in which the poor shall kill the rich. We are lucky to be watching the End,

  4. My email is at if you wish to reply.

    I had a gut feeling when each year of these predictions happen the total opposite would've happened and it did in some cases.

    Instead of 2012 ending our lives more people then ever *both tea parties and occupy* protested against government tyranny for different reasons though the reason the Tea Party got negative slant was because they were not rioting or throwing over cop cars which Democratic protests these things tend to happen over and over and over and over again.

    In 2014 instead of the ice age we had the warmest year on record in Europe and a very warm year up and down the west coast most notably for strings of warm nighttime temps more then daytime temps.

    As Cliff Mass's weather blog from Seattle Washington who is a major in Atmospheric Physics stated Here is a part of the article explaining how DAYTIME warm waves work in the Pacific North West when we have the 100F days.

    "Interestingly, the authors found no trend in the extremes of maximum temperature, but only in minimum temperature. That seems a bit odd in itself, but some studies have suggested this is a general finding (more increase in min than max temps), with the idea that more cloud cover or other effects might be the cause. Around here, daytime warming is what really put folks under acute heat stress and the "heat waves" examined in this study were associated with nighttime temperature falling to roughly the mid 60s or more for three days or more. Not very dramatic and wimpy by heat wave standards for the rest of the country.

    But the lack of correspondence between serious daytime and nighttime heat waves IS concerning, since most major heat waves around here (like July 2009) are observed in both maximum and minimum temperatures. There is a reason for that...our biggest heat waves are associated with strong offshore flow and subsidence down the western slopes of the Cascades, and this phenomenon tends to raise both maximum and minimum temperatures."

    Are NightTime Temperatures Increasing In The NorthWest? is the full title

    Europe also has had it's warmest year on record 2014.

    2014_warmest_year_on_record_in_Europe 2014 is the hottest year on record in Europe. The analysis of observations indicate that the annual (January to December) mean temperature for Europe has reached 11.22˚C which is nearly 0.17˚C above the previous record set in 2007. The top-10 of warmest years has all its entries from the past 15 years, with 1989 the only exception, at fifth place.

    In 2013 sunspots had a few hiccups but were large and far apart of each other.

    Read more at: Calm solar prompts impact questions on earth.
    The surface of the sun has been surprisingly calm of late—with fewer sunspots than anytime in in the last century—prompting curious scientists to wonder just what it might mean here on Earth.

    I predict instead of nuclear war in 2018 I believe that's when the one world system will happen and as the bible stated there will be a *false* peace where it seems all the countries are in agreement with each other but it is not meant to be and the AntiChrist will be slain. (Murdered quietly?) and be brought back to life which the whole world will know instantly.

    3D Hologram and live television?

    The mark of the beast would be the number 666 which has to do with computers actually and the only thing missing now is having a temple be built in Jerusalem though the idea has been brought up among experts from time to time and have come real close to an agreement.

  5. The point is whenever somebody makes a world wide prediction they tend to have it blow up in their face and often the opposite happens. The Bible clearly states know one will know the hour when the lord will return but you will know the SEASON like how when you plant fruit and have done it for a long enough time you just have that gut feeling of seeing the times.

  6. 4/21/2018 the conclusion date for sure